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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time to make a flippin breakfast

This post might seem a bit odd and out of place for this blog but in the absence of anything else to write about this is all you get! Yesterday a was given the below pictured Single Egg Frying Pan (single egg omelet maker) and another single little frying pan as a gifts. The thing I really like about these is the eggs on the handles and the fact that the eggs have frowning faces! This makes total sense to me as I can't imagine an egg being happy about being fried. All I can say is bravo and three cheers to the makers of this little thing because I'm sure the temptation was to make the cute little eggs have happy smiling faces with bow ties or something similarly yucky.

After getting these I decided to look into the company that makes them. They are made or sold by a company called MSC International under the brand name Joli spelled like this: Jo!e. I looked them up on the web and it seems they make some rather brightly colored and somewhat disturbing kitchen items. For those interested HERE is a link to their catalog. Some of the more interesting things in there are the little Asian figure that is holding chop sticks on a Sushi serving tray, and the Pig, Penguin and Cow ice cream scoops. I don't know why those animals are appropriate for ice cream.
Anyway my son and I decided to give Easy Omelet frying pan a try this morning. It's the one pictured on the left in the above picture. It's actually two little frying pans connected together with a hinge opposite the handle. The two are locked together by a catch that is operated by the egg on the handle. You slide the egg away from his feet and the pans unlock, put in the egg material, close, lock and cook. When ready flip it over and cook the other side!! I'm stunned at this point...
So after deciding to make breakfast we had to go out and stock up on the required materials. I have absolutely nothing in my kitchen so this was a required trip. What we bought was the below pictured items:

When I opened the Omelet Easy frying pan I noticed that they had put a sticker right in the middle of the non-stick pan. I thought this was odd because you wouldn't expect a non-stick pan to have a sticker on it... and yes the sticker was stuck there and I had to scrape it off! So much for non-stick. Once we had taken the wrapper off and threw some eggs in there it all went pretty easy.

Above is an exciting live action shot of not only the egg pan in use but a partially eaten breakfast sandwich! Yum!

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