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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Digital Clock with Finial

Two new things to talk about this time! 1) I finally mounted the 'egg shaped spiral' thing on top of the clock. 2) I now know what to call the 'egg shaped spiral' thing: finial. Thanks to Matt Mylar for pointing that out to me. I was sure that there was a name for those little things that sit on top of lamps, poles, rooftops, bedposts and in this case a clock and now I know!
Anyway I mounted the motor that I assembled last week into the top of the clock and put the finial on it's shaft. On top of that is the candle base and the fluted bowl. The entire assembly can be seen below.

Now that it is all together I'm not so sure that I like the proportions of the entire thing. It looks a bit tall for it's width and rather odd in some way that I can't quite put my finger on...
Anyway it is what it is at this point and having something that looks 'odd' in my house isn't a bad thing... in fact it will fit right in with the decor around here. There are still a few things left to do. I would like to add some lights or at least one light to the inside of the glass bowl and wire up the motor to make the finial turn. Right now the top of the clock is just sitting on top of the box for easy removal and modification. As is the bowl, it's not fastened to the red candle ring that is sitting under it. In looking at it I think that the red candle ring would look better if it were brass colored with black detail. I might change the color of it...
Also as I mentioned I need to wire up the motor and figure out some way to turn it off and on. I could build a power supply to run the motor so it's on all the time or make it turn when the as yet to be added lights are put in place.
The nice thing about it not being done is there is more to do for next week!

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