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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Google I hate you...


Thank you for changing everything about Blogger. Thank you for changing the login and the interface that I am now using. I have to say that I HATE YOU GOOGLE.
You are arrogant in your actions, arrogant with your customers, and especially arrogant and stupid with your customer feedback. This is clear if anyone goes to the Google 'help' or ever asks you a question, we can see the thousands of people that hate what you are doing and are asking you to change. You ignore them, you ignore the feedback from the people that are trying to use your products.

GOOGLE, everything that you have done does not add to the experience of using Blogger, it detracts from it.

I would like to update my Blog today and that is all. I WOULD NOT like to learn how to use a new interface to update my blog. With the old interface I could write about what I was doing in a few minutes. Today I have to learn a bunch of new things to write my Blog. New things that will do the same thing that the old ones did without any improvement. I'll spend my time today catering to your idiotic and arrogant new ideas rather than writing about what I was doing. I have decided that I will not do that.

I am done with GOOGLE.

I am through with your stupidity, your arrogant attitude and your so called 'improvements'. I will never use a Google product again.

This is my last post. Goodbye.

Otto Belden

Saturday, March 3, 2012

USS Iowa in Richmond CA

A few of weeks ago I visited the USS Iowa anchored in Richmond CA. The USS Iowa is a battleship that not only served in several wars but also has a unique history. Currently out of service the ship is being renovated to be a history museum and ultimately will be anchored in Southern California. My family and I decided that while the ship was in Richmond we should take the opportunity to go see her. Below are a few photos that I took while we were on board. Unfortunately only the bow of the ship was open to the public but just having the opportunity to go on board was outstanding!