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Saturday, March 3, 2012

USS Iowa in Richmond CA

A few of weeks ago I visited the USS Iowa anchored in Richmond CA. The USS Iowa is a battleship that not only served in several wars but also has a unique history. Currently out of service the ship is being renovated to be a history museum and ultimately will be anchored in Southern California. My family and I decided that while the ship was in Richmond we should take the opportunity to go see her. Below are a few photos that I took while we were on board. Unfortunately only the bow of the ship was open to the public but just having the opportunity to go on board was outstanding!

Above are the best pictures from our trip to the ship. As I mentioned earlier I have not been doing too much other than working several jobs and I have not had much time to play around in the garage. It looks like my schedule might return to something normal soon and I'll be able to post about some of the experiments that I have been planning. Check back on the blog or send me an email if you are curious!

 - Otto


  1. Lame. You should have waited for those guys to get out of the way before taking pics of that turret.

    1. nah makes no difference turrets are only cool, when the openings aren't closed up like that.. I would colour them in with photoshop, they would look way cooler :)

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  3. it is an amazing ship-thank you for your photos.
    I am interested in battleships and history in general.
    (excuse my writing, I'm from Czech Republic, is only beginning to learn..)

    1. Mirek,

      Glad that you liked the photos. The Iowa is now in San Diego and will be open to the public as a museum soon.