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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swimming With Bowlegged Women

Why? For no reason other than I felt like it...
I wrote the music and 'performed' it with a Roland Sound Canvas.

I like to go swimming with bowlegged women
'cause their so much fun in the pool
they make me feel giddy
they make me feel silly
they make me just act like a fool
My pulse starts to quicken when them legs get a kicking
as they go splashing by me
so if your legs are not straight
you got the perfect trait
to fill my heart up with glee
Now some like the back stroke but the best stroke it the breast stroke
if stroking is the thing for you
but I'm just a hoping with your legs open
that we'll find a way to stay cool
Now I aint even trying cause theres no denying
that bent legs are the thing for me
and I like to go swimming with bowlegged women
cause they fill my heart up with glee

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