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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some More (odd) Stuff On Another Rainy Day...

It has been another rainy day here in the Bay Area and I spent some time cleaning the garage and replacing light bulbs around the house. While enlightening the environment I thought I'd share a couple of small projects that I built recently. Actually one of them I built recently and the other one I made in November 1983 so its rather old. like me. Anyway the first one I'd like to share is something that no house should be without. That is a light in the bathroom specifically a light illuminating the toilet. You can look on line and find a lot of toilet specific lights that you can buy but I thought it would be more fun to put one together with parts that I have laying around. Here is a picture of this wonderful creation:
For creative reasons I left the toilet out of the picture but you can probably guess that it is to the immediate left of the picture. The key part to this is the short extension cord that fits so nicely between the plug and the toilet paper roll area. This cord is exactly 3 feet long and I know that because it had a warning label on it saying "Warning: this extension cord is 3 feet long". The cord came with an 'under the cabinet' type halogen lights you get at the hardware store and I'm not sure why they had to put that label on it... 
Before building this I had decided that I needed more light in the bathroom to navigate in the late hours of the night while trying to take care of business. I bought the little green glowing night light at the end of the cord for that but it wasn't bright enough to see what I was doing (or where I needed to go) when plugged into the wall. That was when I made the decision to attach it to the end of the extension cord! Great! Unfortunately when I hung the cord over the edge of the counter to get it near the toilet it started sliding around and I couldn't get it pointed in the right direction.
I thought "What I need is a bathroom attendant like they have in high class bathrooms to hold the light for me". Unfortunately I can't afford to hire someone to do that so I did the next best thing and got a couple of plastic action figure toys that Otto Jr. had. One of them I think is the "Yellow Power Ranger" and I really really really really really really wish that they made a "Brown Power Ranger" because that would have been perfect to have a "Yellow" and "Brown" holding a toilet light... or maybe a "Mister 1" and "Mister 2"... Anyway I got a piece of scrap wood and screwed the yellow guy to it and found another figure in the old toy box and added him diligently standing at attention next to the yellow dude. The two of them together help shed some light on what goes on in the wee hours of the morning in the bathroom.
On to something else and completely unrelated...

Here is a picture of a small cedar jewelery or trinket box that I made a long time ago. I only include it here because it's one of the very first wood projects that I made that I still have. It still has that really nice cedar smell to it and the glue still holds it all together.

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