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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Double Barreled Sawed Off Shotgun

This project was Otto Jr's idea and it turned out to be a fun one. He was looking at an old table leg of round wood the other day and he thought that it would make a cool barrel for a shotgun. Then he thought that it would be twice as cool if he were to saw it in half and turn it into a double barreled shotgun barrel(s)!!! Great Idea!!!
Here is a picture of how it turned out when done:

We started this project by looking on line at pictures of various styles and types of sawed off shotguns then we did a sketch of what we more or less wanted it to look like. Then we got down to the business of cutting the wood and shaping the parts.
As with all the projects that he and I make together I try to let him do most of the cutting and sanding. The larger tools and cuts like the band sawing I'll take care of while he watches.
The pivoting part of the gun where it opens for loading/reloading access to the chambers we did with a tongue and groove joint and a nail. To get the thickness that is required for the back of the gun we stacked up some of the wood that Otto Jr is cutting in the picture above and glued/nailed it together. I then sawed out the general shape and he filed it down with a rasp.
Once we had it all together we nailed the wooden barrels onto the stock and drove in the nail for the pivot. We drilled undersized pilot holes for the nails to avoid splitting the wood and added some glue to most of the parts to keep it all together.
This turned out to be a fun thing to build this afternoon. Eventually we might decide to paint it and use it in a Halloween costume but for now it was something to do and kept us busy.

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