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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bladeless fan construction

Yes I am building a wind tunnel... and the biggest problem in doing so is getting rid of turbulence from the air source, in this case a fan. So to do that I am building a fan (air source) that should have a limited amount of disturbed air. What I want is a smooth airflow into the test area and a bladeless fan seems to be the obvious choice..
I built a fan like this before HERE but didn't provide too many details of the construction. This time I built a slightly bigger fan and have provided all the details in a neat video.

Email me with questions or leave a comment... There is a lot more to come on this topic so stay tuned...


  1. It's called an eductor. That's a good idea though as it probably have a lot less turbulence that straight from the blades would. A nice use of recycled materials!
    Lee B

  2. Turbulence from a fan is easy to control... Put the fan downstream from your test region. Don't push the air through the tunnel, pull it through the tunnel.

  3. Anonymous,

    Thanks! You are right a "suck down" tunnel is easier to do. At the time i built the "bladeless fan" I was considering creating a closed circuit wind tunnel because I needed smoke. I ended up building a open tunnel with the fan downstream:

    - Otto

  4. Hi Otto Belden, nice site, really love your projects specially this one. Wanna make one too. I wish that you included the the whole fan in your video as in the whole assembled thing not with the Schlren!@# photography thing, (haha sorry cant even memorize the spelling) :-) aneways thnx for this vid

  5. omersonster,

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm glad you like it! The video shows how to make the fan. Check out the site Index of Projects link for other posts I made about the fan and the Schlieren stuff.
    I'm not sure what you mean about "the whole fan"? Do you mean the assembled fan?


  6. hi otto

    love your site. i've been working on a plasma propulsion project for a bit and think the schleilian photo method might provide some answers. here's a link to my candle plasma drive on youtube, what do you think? would this photograph well?

    1. Hello Nick,

      I didn't see a link to your video maybe you can send it to me?
      Thanks for checking out my blog!