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Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Legs and Some Progress ( or More Futaba Servos Assembled...)

This evening I have a bit of an update on the construction of the robot.  It may seem like this is taking a long time to build but the project itself isn't taking too much time (all things considered) I'm just not finding a lot of time to work on it. I did manage to get all four legs built up. As mentioned these are using mostly Futaba S3004 and a couple Futaba S3003 Servos that are inexpensive and so far easy to use.  The only difference between the Futaba S3003 and the S3004 is the 3004 have bearing and not bushings. Each leg consists of three servos in total giving each leg what I call Turn, Rotate and Extend motions. It's pretty irrelevant what I call each axis of motion but for now I'm sticking with those names. In the last update that I posted I had a picture showing the plastic base that I cut from the top cover of a desktop Epson printer.

This shows more or less how I intend to have the legs sit but there are only three legs in the picture. I am happy to say now that I have the fourth leg built up using the Futaba's and I also have all the turn brackets fabricated for all three legs that I mentioned in the Aye Robot post. Also I figured out a couple of issues in building up two of the legs as 'mirror images' of the initial prototype leg. Anyway here are all four if full color for your enjoyment:

As mentioned these are all using Futaba S3004 servos (mostly a couple of Futaba S3003's as well). The orange colored parts on the end are cut pieces of K'Nex that I used as bushings. There is a 4-40 screw holding a nylon spacer that runs in the center hole of the K'Nex acting as a bearing (bushing technically). On the bottom of each Turn bracket I mounted the round disc Futaba Servo Horn that comes with the Futaba in the box when you buy it. That servo horn will allow each one of the above legs to mount directly on top of yet another servo that is mounted in each corner of the 'hacked' Epson printer top. I took a picture to help explain a bit better what I mean.


In the picture you can see one of the Futaba S3003's sitting in the corner of the printer top that I'm now going to start calling something like 'robotic base chassis' instead of Epson printer top. Maybe 'Base Chassis' is better and shorter. Anyway on the bottom of the leg assembly you cab see the round Futaba Servo Horn screwed to the Turn Bracket with a couple of 4-40 screws. Immediately remaining at this point is cutting 3 more holes on the Base Chassis to mount the Futaba's in and figuring out a way to secure them in those holes. Right now I am thinking of cutting up the remaining pieces of the printer cover and gluing them onto the Base Chassis to provide screw points for the Futaba's.

I need to give it a bit more thought but maybe metal brackets would be better than glued plastic.

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