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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Windows Security and Privacy Update

I have finished the window covering that I wrote about last week - finally! They turned out pretty good and they do add to the security and privacy of the new house. This turned out to be a lot of work, I knew that going into the project but about half way through I was sick of it. Maybe sick is too strong of a word but painting and sanding is only fun for about 5 minutes, and only when you are watching someone else do it. Below are the before and after pictures:
Unsightly and Insecure Windows

Secure and Private Windows with Homemade Coverings
As I mentioned before these are just wood frames with bleached muslin stapled to the back. I think this looks a lot better than curtains and because the blinds are still there behind them they provide a lot of privacy. The bleached muslin allows light to come in and they are hinged so I can open them to peek out or clean the windows. Clean the windows?!? Yeah right! Click below to read a little more about how I made these - don't forget to click HERE too to see the start of this project!

As I mentioned in the last post the frames that I made are from 11/16" X 7/16" wood trim. I built a total of five and used one to create a divider between the living room area and the dining room area. Its actually one big room and there is a computer desk where the dining room table would normally be so the divider breaks up the space.
I painted them using Valspar Signature Latex paint in a red brown color and used 1 coat of white primer. The Valspar paint cover really well despite all the negative reviews I read about it after buying it.  The temperatures these days are down in the mid 40's in the day and lower at night so I had to paint them indoors where it is warmer. I strung up the frames using some string so I could paint both sides in the hallway which I covered with drop cloths.
Make Shift Paint Booth
The frames are attached to the walls with brass hinges and the muslin is attached with 5/8" staples from a staple gun. As a side note, I mentioned in the first post that the best way to clean a garage after moving is to do a project like this because it makes you find the things you need. Finding the staple gun took about an hour. Finding the iron so I could iron the muslin took another 45 minutes.
There isn't much else to it. I like the look and they are a bit unique, better than drapes anyway.

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